Audience Interference

There are so many strange and interesting things about K., most of which are introduced in the first chapter of the novel, and the thing that I find really interesting (besides the acceptance of his arrest that Melissa talked about in her post) is the audience that he has throughout the beginning of his day and his subsequent arrest (I’m not quite sure what else to call it even though he is never taken into custody). It starts off with him and the familiar elderly woman across the way watching each other, and with each subsequent irritation he feels with the proceedings, another person is added, starting with an ancient man and ending with the red-haired man. Who are these people and what do they have to do with K. and his arrest? The woman and his interaction seem like it could possibly be a daily thing, the way that they gaze or glance at one another in the mornings, she is something familiar and comforting. Both of the men are foreign to him, the ancient one does not pose any sort of perceived threat to K., but the red-haired man is now blonde, and proves as a distraction to K. in which he doesn’t realize the departure of the inspector and the guards. K. goes along with a lot of interesting twists and turns throughout the novel, but there always appears to be an audience watching him, and distracting him from what is really going on. The audience is something for K. to perform for, like in the court scene and even here is giving them a bit of a reluctant performance, and something to distract K. from asking real questions to help him figure out what is really going on. Is the audience even there, or paying him that much attention? I am positive that this older woman is at least present, whether or not she is paying that close of attention to K. is a whole other question, but shouldn’t the other people she is seen with, presuming they are family, also look familiar to K.? Why does the man with the red goatee change to blonde by the end of the chapter? How does the audience interfere with the events surrounding K. and the entirety of his arrest and trial instead of help, add, or clarify them?

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